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Creating a Human Rights Essay

Human rights is an important issue these days. Its not often that there isnt something on the news concerning the rights of some individual or group. If you look closely at the charges or suspicions that are being reported, youll see many similarities. Usually, in the USA, the subject is Civil Rights as opposed to basic Human Rights. Civil Rights generally involve one religious, racial or ethnic group and it is seldom a matter of life and death these days. Human Rights, on the other hand, encompasses a much wider range of possibilities. Therefore, a Human Rights essay is a great topic to tackle.

Human Rights violations can be anything from the genocide in Rwanda to religious discord that leads to imprisonment. To writeВ analytical essays in an effective manner on the subject of Human Rights, most of the research can be done via magazines, newspapers and television news programs. The examples are numerous and extend all over the world.

Tienemen Square leaps to mind as an excellent example of human rights being violated on a large scale. Chinese students were protesting for more freedom from the Communist Government of China. Their rights were ignored and the Chinese ArmyВ killed and injured the unarmed protesters.

As previously mentioned, the genocide in Rwanda is known all over the world as one of the most egregious examples of Human Rights violations. Men, women and children are starved, beaten and even killed because of who they are, not any crime they have committed. This can be a gripping angle to take when creating a Human Rights essay.

In many cultures, women are the victims of Human Rights abuses. Chief among these are the Muslim countries where women and even young girls are killed for any number of infractions of Shariah Law. Honor killings are considered acceptable if a female refuses to obey her father or husband. Forced marriages are also common. В An explanatory essay can really bring the situations to life.

Political rulers around the world also violate the Human Rights of those under their control. Imprisonment and execution are common practices in China, Cuba and North Korea when citizens object to being ruled with harsh laws and no rights of their own. Too often people are killed while trying to escape unjust regimes. This type of historically geared Human Rights essay can capture your reader but be careful that you do not bore them with only listed facts. Instead, make a factual yet attractive essay by adding intense situations that place the reader right in the middle of the emotional scenarios.

People living in free countries consider their Human Rights to be like those in the American Bill of Rights. Our Constitutional rights include Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness as stated in the Declaration of Independence. We have the right to practice whatever religion we choose (or none at all), the right to carry weapons, the right to speak freely, to assemble peacefully, and many others. To violate these rights is to violate Civil Rights. Human Rights are just a little different.

To write a Human Rights essay, youll need to explore what Human Rights really are. The right to live is, of course, the first and foremost right. Dignity and basic respect are also important. Being punished for religion, politics, ethnicity and gender are violations. В Whether it is a biography essay regarding a specific individual and their life story or an essay about a certain culture or place, this topic is sure to have an impact on the reader.